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Waterbeds & Replacement Parts

Our waterbed mattresses are available in Luxury Soft Side Mattresses and we offer a long line of replacement parts for Hard Side waterbeds like fill and drain kits, waterbags, hose, caps, drain pumps, liners, bubble stop and other waterbed conditioner items from Blue Magic®.

With our Waterbeds, comes the solid wood foundation to allow for a sturdy base for your new water bed. Providing the support for waterbeds is important, they can not be placed on traditional box spings because they will not hold the weight of them properly.


Foam Beds 

Our Luxury Foam Beds are available in Latex, Memory Foam, Gel Infused Memory Foam. Each providing a different feel and support level. All of our Foam Beds are designed with a three zone support core to balance your body properly in the shoulders, hips, and legs portion of your body while you sleep on your side or back.


Memory Foam Beds offer a firm supportive comfort level that is temperature activated and body heat responsive to form to your body and cradle you through the night. Providing support and preventing tossing and turning that comes from pressure point build up enables you to sleep in one spot longer, increasing the rem sleep your body needs to restore itself.


Gel Infused Memory Foam Beds are designed by mixing Cool Gel to the Memory Foam while it is being formed to fully integrate the two materials together. This combanation provides you with a temperature nuetral sleeping surface, not too hot, not too cool. Being able to have the support of memory foam without the hot sleep it often is associated with is the reason Gel is infused into the memory foam.


Latex Beds are designed with Latex Rubber material from the latex trees which is all natural and anti-microbial material that resists breaking down like other foams. The latex foam is a firm foam because it is a rubber based product allowing it to provide longer life spans that traditional memory foams.


Adjustable Air Mattresses 

  • We do not sell Sleep Number® Beds or Sleep Number® Bed Parts!
  • We do not sell Tempur-Pedic® Beds or products!

Our adjustable air beds compare to Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort and Tempur-Choice air beds in the fact that you can adjusta each side independantly with a remote that controls a pump allowing it to inflate or deflate to your desired comfort level.


Air Bed Replacement Parts

Our Replacement Air Bed Parts can be adapted to most top line mattress manufacturers such as Halcyon®, Innomax®, Comfort Craft®, Adjust A Rest®, Luxury Support®, Boyd®, Adjustable Comfort®, American National®, Simmons®, Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, Classic® Adjustable Sleep Systems! 


Replacement Air Bed Pumps that can be connected to your existing air chambers with connector hoses we make. If you are experiancing problems like your pump losing air through the night, remote controls not reading your setting, you can replace your Sleep Number® Bed Pump with one from our Air Bed Pumps page.


Replacement Air Chambers that can be connected to your existing air bed pump with connector hoses from our website. If you are experiancing air loss issues from air leaks in the air chamber of your Sleep Number® Bed, you can replace it with our No Gap Design Support Air Chambers. 


Replacement Support Foam Inserts and Parts to repair broken down support foam in Sleep Number® Beds that can happen after years of use.  By adding our Nylon Reinforced Foam Support Rails to your existing Sleep Number® Bed Parts you can lock your air chambers together preventing them from sliding apart causing gaps to form in the middle of the bed.  By adding a Support Foam Insert to your Sleep Number® Bed Parts to reinforce your comfort layers that may have broken down where your body lays.  


Not sure what air bed parts you need?   Call @ (314) 599-2777


- We DO Not Sell Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® Products! We are Not Affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporate entities in any way. Select Comfort® and Sleep Number® are trademarked names of the Select Comfort® Corp.  The use of these names is for Adaptability and Compatibility of products.  Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® are registered trademarks.  The information on this site in regards to Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® is strictly for comparison  adaptability purposes only.  We do not sell the Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® brands, and in no way affiliated with the Boyd®/Boyd Specialty Sleep® and Amnat®/American National® corporate entities. 


AIRPRO Air Chambers Compatible with Sleep Number® Beds - We do not sell Sleep Number® Beds or Sleep Number® Bed Parts!