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Adjustable Air Bed Repair Parts 


Replacement Air Bed Parts to Repair Sleep Number Bed Parts

We are the Adjustable Air Bed Parts Superstore because we offer the Largest Selection of Adjustable Air Bed Repair Parts Online with Free Shipping. You can use our replacement airbed parts to repair your Sleep Number Bed. Shop from our selection of Air Bed Parts like Pumps, Air Chambers, Foam Inserts, Latex Foam Toppers, Connectors, Remote Controls and more.


Replacement Pumps

We offer the highest quality replacement air bed products like Pneumatic Piston Diven Pumps to inflate your Adjustable AirBed or Select Comfort Sleep Number air chambers. They are more accurate and can be adjusted to a wider range of settings for increased comfort. These pumps can be used with your existing air bed chambers by using connector hoses from our parts pages. 


Replacement Air Chambers

Tracking down an air leak in your Sleep Number Bed air chambers could lead you to the air chamber itself. In Most cases the connection at the air chamber can come loose or fall out causing the Air Chamber to not hold air. This is common because of the location of the air connection.

Replacing Sleep Number Bed Parts with our anti-hammocking design will prevent your Sleep Number Bed from Sagging as well as eliminate any gaps from forming in the middle of your Sleep Number Bed Air Chambers. The center peice of foam that goes between the air chambers in a Sleep Number Bed Design is part of the issue. Once this foam breaks down the air chambers tend to move apart causing a gap in the middle of the sleep number bed air chambers. Our Air Chambers are designed to sit next to each other with no gaps between them. 


Air Bed Parts Connectors

Replacing air bed connectors is the least expensive way to check for air leaks. If you find yourself waking up to a flat Sleep Number Bed, chances are that yopu may only need to replace a cracked or damaged push button connector. With the location of these parts being below the foam boarder walls it causes excess pressure on those connectors which over time results in cracks from forming in the connector.

If you plan to replace your existing air bed parts with one of our replacement pumps or chambers you will need a connector to go from your parts to ours. While finding the correct connector for your replacement parts may be hard, we can help. Our staff is on hand to aid in helping you find the correct air bed parts to repair your Sleep Number Bed. 


Replacement Foam Parts

When deciding on comfort layers, it is important to know the difference between a foam insert and a foam topper. A Foam Topper is used on top of the mattress to add comfort to your existing bed. A foam Insert is designed to go inside the zippered mattress cover. We offer replacement foam inserts and Toppers to meet your needs.

It is also important to know that the kinds of foam vary by the manufacturer. We use Talalay Latex and Memory Foam and Select Comfort uses Intralux Foam and Memory Foam inside it's Sleep Number Beds.

Have an old Sleep Number Bed you want to recondition? Add a Topper. We Fuse All Natural Talalay Latex together with Open Cell Memory Foam to provide you with the best comfort and support in a mattress topper available.


Hot Cold Mattress Temperature Control

Temperature Control for your Bed that compares to Sleep Number Dual Temp. Dual Remote Controls offer each sleeper the ability to select their desired temperature in bed. With dual units now both can be comfortable. Enjoy the features of the Sleep Number Bed Dual Temp without the Price with the "Hot 2 Cold" Temperature Control for your bed Today.


We will be happy to help you select the best adjustable airbed parts for your Sleep Number Bed repair and make the most of your sleep each night. We invite you to visit our website and read about the products we offer to find out about how they can help you.  


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